The Starmaker’s Child


“The Starmaker’s Child” is the story of some aliens from the Planet Nimbu Dinkum who have heard a strange signal across the airwaves of the universe. They embark on a journey to discover where the signal comes from. On their journey they encounter different worlds and different beings (among them a lonely and slightly depressed computer) and build up, piece by piece, the puzzle of the signal – it comes from the planet E’arth and is in fact a song sung by the Starwalkers (angels) to announce the birth of the Starmaker’s child.

They travel to E’arth only to discover that they are 2000 years too late. Indeed, they find it hard to understand why the Starmaker would send his child to such a dismal place – but realise that this planet is special to the Starmaker.

It’s written for the primary age range, both KS 1 and 2, and lasts about one hour. The pack contains the book with piano-vocal score, script with 20 speaking parts, lyrics and CD with recorded backing tracks, both with and without singing.  A typically humorous look at the age-old story.

The Starmaker’s Child Printed

Includes CD with backing and vocal tracks


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