Robin Hood Saves the Day


Robin Hood is a hero. And he knows it. He robs from the rich to give to the poor, and enjoys the attentions of his ardent fan-base. But then the sheriff of Nottingham decides to cancel Christmas and imprisons every turkey in the country (on the advice of Guy of Gisbourne, a second-hand cart salesman). Robin must face his most dangerous quest yet: he must free the turkeys so that Christmas can continue.

This musical features a hilarious script and hugely enjoyable songs, with “Save the Turkeys” being especially popular with children.

The show lasts about one hour. The pack contains the book with piano-vocal score, script with 29 speaking parts, lyrics and CD with recorded backing tracks, both with and without singing.

Robin hood Saves the Day Printed Copy

Includes CD with backing and vocal tracks Inclusive of Postage and Packing and License Fee


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