Ebenezer Scrooge and the Ghosts of Christmas



Following the story of Scrooge, the old miser who doesn’t know the meaning of Christmas and what’s more doesn’t care, this musical is full of memorable characters and songs – with some liberties taken with the original Dickens material! For example, the Ghost of Christmas Present becomes the Christmas Present Rapper and the Ghost of Christmas Past is an Elvis look-a-like who’s ‘Rocking Back the Clock’.
But at it’s heart the story remains the same – a soul who has forgotten how to care is taught a lesson he will never forget, and decides to change his ways.
The musical is intended for KS2 children, and lasts about one hour. There are opportunities for dance, with solo singing parts as well as choir, and lots of incidental music for scene changes.
The pack contains the book with piano-vocal score, script with 24 speaking parts as well as a number of walk-on parts, lyrics and CD with recorded backing tracks, both with and without singing.

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