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Curriculum Songs:

Jumping in Puddles – songs about the weather for Early Years

Jumping in Puddles

A set of 4 easy action songs which fit in very well with a topic on the weather – a topic of much interest in the UK!

Includes backing tracks and vocal versions of the four songs as well as lyrics to project on IWB and piano vocal score.

The Minibeast Rock – songs about Minibeasts for your own minibeasts! (EYFS)

The Minibeast Rock

Three songs about minibeasts which your little ones will love – as they rock and roll with “The Minibeast Rock”, learn “How Many Legs” different creatures have, and “Flutterby” with the Butterfly. Included: Backing tracks, Vocal guide tracks, Piano-vocal score, and projectible lyrics.

Getting Around

Three three-part rounds for Keystage 2 about different means of transport – trains, cars, bicycles. Great fun to sing, and these teach the valuable musical skill of singing rounds and part songs.


Ori and Tar – a New Nativity for KS1 and KS2

The Best Thing – a New Christmas Musical for EYFS

Starcrossed – a comedy based on Romeo and Juliet!

Ori and Tar

Ori and Tar are two boys who accompany the three wisemen as they make their long journey to find the newborn king, following a star. On the way they meet a number of lively characters, including King Herod, who has a rather over-inflated view of himself (why else would he call himself Herod the Great?)

They end their journey in a stable in Bethlehem, which doesn’t seem to be a suitable place to find a king at all!

The Best Thing

What’s the Best Thing about Christmas? The children have a discussion about what each one thinks is the greatest bit – one thinks it’s the presents, another thinks it’s Santa, or the food. And then one of them reminds them all of the true meaning of Christmas. Aaah!

A really simple musical play to stage, with really easy songs for the children to learn.


And there you were, thinking that Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet was a tragedy! This is the show that will prove you wrong. A story of rival families, young love and a very short engagement.
Meet the Montagues and Capulets as you’ve never seen them. Romeo and Juliet, the young lovebirds who seem to have the odds stacked against them, whose love is the glue which brings the feuding families together in the end.
But enough of such sickly sweet goo.

The show is a rip-roaring romp which upends the tragedy and brings everything together for a Happy Ending.
Filled to the brim with catchy songs and enjoyable characters, this musical will soon become a firm favourite.

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This however is not available as an option for the curriculum song packs, which are only available as digital downloads from Gumroad. They are, however, very reasonably priced, at £2 per pack. Each pack has backing and vocal tracks, lyrics and scores for at least three songs – many have more.